Those individuals who are nearly indispensable to your organization typically provide so much value to your productivity and profit that their loss would be financially detrimental. In these cases, a high cash value life insurance policy can provide the firm with an economic buffer to weather the troubles that could arise from the loss of such a valued team member.

Premium or Leveraged Financing (borrowing the insurance premiums to fund an investment grade insurance policy) solutions provide a business a right-off expense when previous write offs were not allowed (due to the interest charge which allows the cost to be expensed) with the means to execute a plan for the contingency of loss of a key man while reducing the often-high capital outlays necessary to fund the life insurance premiums.

HINDSIGHT ASSET MANAGEMENT can work with a borrowers legal and tax advisor to help in the design and funding of a life insurance policy that is tailored to provide the business with sufficient resources to offset the loss of a key employee. HINDSIGHT ASSET MANAGEMENT’s unique competencies, high-touch service and favorable access to low rates and terms make us the leading choice to fund these mission-critical strategies.